Retrieving from A to Z

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Knut Fuchs
Training working dogs is the life`s work of Knut Fuchs. From appropriate techniques for preparing pups to training dogs to protect, he has dealt with nearly every aspect of modern Schutzhund training. Numerous dog handlers have benefited from his know-how, either working together with him or attending one of his seminars.
The system Knut Fuchs has developed for training dogs to retrieve as part of the obedience section has been one focus of these seminars for many years now. This second edition of the RETRIEVING FROM A TO Z guide now provides an even more detailed description of this method. Quite a few new ideas and a completely new chapter on problem solving have been integrated into the new edition, all illustrated with many photos. This guide therefore offers very dog handler interested in the topic of retrieving valuable tips and suggestions as well as concrete, step-by-step instructions for training dogs to execute this highly complex exercise.
76 pages